Title: Krazy Klan - Frustrationz
Release Date: 1995
01. Intro - Respect (The Klan)
02. Frustrationz
03. Runnin' From Insanity
04. Boom
05. Quick Trick
06. Take It Off
07. 4U2NV
Info: The first Krazy Klan (Lavel & ABK) album, pressed only in tape and very rare to get. the skull that graces the cover was designed by Mr Bones, aka Jamie Madrox of twiztid.
Title: Krazy Klan - DevelopMENTAL
Release Date: 1999
01. Intro
02. Can You Feel It?
03. Yo Crib
04. Last Night
05. Developmental
06. Frustrationz
07. Do You Believe?
08. Time
09. Ride
10. In The Basement
11. 2 Different Krazy's (w/ HOK)
Info: The second release by the Krazy Klan. This album was released on Slangtown Records, and pressed in CD format only. This album features guest appearances from House of Krazees (Sol and Skrapz, Halfbreed).
Title: Native Funk - Rain From The Sun
Release Date: 2000
01. Intro
02. Solo
03. Is It Real
04. Interview
05. Boom
06. Cloned Images
07. Takin' Over
08. True Tales
09. Gillatine
10. State of Mind
11. Gratiot Confusion
12. Slangtown
13. Rain From The Sun
14. Outro
Info: The First Jaymo solo album, when he used the name Native Funk. This album was released only on CD by Slang Town Records. It features guest appearances by Halfbreed, Jeremy Methric (Monoxides Brother), and other Slang Town artists. During the recording of this album, Jaymo's sister died, and some of the songs on this album have references to her, and so the mood changes from song to song on this.(?)* A fresh album, and rare.
Title: Foo-Dang Single
Release Date: 2002

    01. Foo-Dang!

The first official Drive-By (Blaze and ABK) release. It was available for download in MP3 at Blaze/ABK's official website. This was later re-made for ABK's debut album released the next year.
Title: Anybody Killa - Hatchet Warrior
Release Date: 2003
01 - Intro
02. Close Call
03. Kill Me
04. Sticky Icky Situation
05. Ya Neden's Haunted
06. Ghetto Neighbor
07. Come Out To Play
08. Hated Me
09. Tools
10. While You're Sleeping
11. Hollowpoint
12. If You Don't Know
13. Foo-Dang
14. Gang Related
15. In The City
Info: After 3 years of pushbacks, being turned from a EP into a LP, massive touring, hoes, and oil on his nubbin', the wait is finally over. 15 tracks of the native wicked shit that only a killer of anybody known as Anybody Killa could bring. Features long time homie Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Violent J, Monoxide Child, and even the one and only Paris! To top it all off, the cd ends with a cover of the Eagles song entitled "In The City".
Title: Anybody Killa - Hey Y'all
Release Date: 2004
01. - Hey Y'all
Info: This was the Juggalos first taste of ABK's album, "Dirty History."
Title: Anybody Killa - Dirty History
Release Date: 2004
01. - Intro
02. Bombs On You
03. Stick and Move
04. Down Here (with Violent J)
05. Gimme Ah Beat
06. Party at the Liquor Store (with Colton Grundy)
07. Hey Yall
08. Retaliate (with Twiztid)
09. Trees and Woods
10. Nevehoe (with Shaggy 2 Dope)
11. Laugh at You
12. It Doesn't Matta (with Colton Grundy)
13. Oh No
14. Charlie Brown (with Velvet J)
15. Put My Life on It
16. Can't Help It
17. 2 Whom This May Concern
Info: "Dirty History" is ABK's sophomore album on Psychopathic records. Many feel like this is leaps and bounds better than his debut, "Hatchet Warrior"! With only Psychopathic artists appearing as guests on the album, it is a definite Juggalo classic!
Title: Anybody Killa - Road Fools
Release Date: March 22nd, 2005
01. - Intro
02. Feel This Way
03. Way We Roll
04. Up My Sleeve
05. We There Yet?
06. Rage
07. All-4-U
Info: "Road Fools" was originally slated to be a DVD-only release that contained footage from past tours featuring ABK doing crazy shit in the tour bus, and with his nub. It eventually turned into a DVD/CD combo which contained a 6-track EP of that crazy Native Funk flavor in it.

 Title: Anybody Killa - Native Funk Re-Release / Rattlesnake EP
Release Date: June 1st, 2006

DISC 1 (Native Funk)
01. Intro
02. Solo
03. Is It Real
04. Interviews
05. Cloned Images
06. Taken Over
07. Guillotine
08. State of Mind
09. Rain From the Sun

DISC 2 (Rattlesnake EP)
01. Intro
02. Caught Up
03. This One's on Me
04. Rattlesnake
05. Guillotine Pt. 2
06. Keep Rollin
07. Get it Together Pt. 2
Info: Soon after his departure from Psychopathic Records, ABK announced that he would be re-releasing his original solo EP: "Native Funk: Rain from the Sun". Along with the re-release, he included a 7 track EP with all new tracks! No matter what label ABK is on, he will still be puttin' it down for the Underground!
Title: Anybody Killa - Black CD
Release Date: September 2006

01. Where the Demons Stay
02. What U Gonna Be w/ Strict
03. The Entity
04. Christine - Krazy Klan w/ Flagrant & Strict
Info: This is 1 of the 2 CDs that ABK released on his Native World, Inc label just in time for Halloween 2006!
Title: Anybody Killa - Orange CD
Release Date: September 2006

01. Graveyard Shift w/ Detroit Warriors
02. Snatches Bi*ch
03. Sorry
04. The Quija Board w/ Detroit Warriors
Info: This is the 2nd of the 2 CDs that ABK released on his Native World, Inc label just in time for Halloween 2006!
Title: Anybody Killa - All Hallows Day
Release Date: October 2006

01. All Hallows Day
Info: ABK released his OWN Halloween single on Halloween of 2006 which is titled "All Hallows Day".
Title: Anybody Killa - Holiday Jingles CD
Release Date: December 2006

01. Grandma's House got Robbed for a Case of Warm Beer
02. Holiday Ho
Info: This is a cheap $3.00 release that includes 2 tracks for Christmas of 2006! It's a great deal for 2 really fresh tracks!
Title: Anybody Killa - Devilish (Orange Black 2007)
Release Date: October 2007
1. Intro
2. My Bad
3. Bloody Boot's
4. Mind Reader feat. Flagrant
5. Devilish
6. Bad Night Dreams feat. Strict
7. Is it Haunted
8. Karma's A Bi*ch feat. Flagrant
9. My Spirit Guide

Info: Following the double-release of last year's Orange/Black CD, ABK is back with 2007's edition of the album! Give it a listen now!

Title: Anybody Killa - Frosty The Dopeman
Release Date: December 2007

01. Jingle My Balls
02. Frosty The Dopeman
Info: The 2007 "Holiday Jingles" version featuring 2 exclusive Holiday tracks!
Title: Anybody Killa - Mudface
Release Date: November 25th, 2008
01. The Vision
02. Far From Reality
03. Muddy Muddy
04. Grind 2 the Flow
05. My Neighborhood - (featuring Boondox)
06. Mommy's Doin' Drugs
07. What U Want From Me - (featuring Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
08. Rain Dance
09. Attitude
10. Thoughts of Suicide - (featuring Strict 9)
11. Im Just Me
12. Let Them Outside
13. Trails of Tears
14. U Aint No Killa - (featuring Venomiz/ICP/Strict 9)
15. Same Thing 2
16. Racist
17. Keep It Real
Info: This is ABK's FIRST release since being back on Psychopathic Records! Did it live up to the hype? You be the judge, ninja!
Title: Medicine Bag
Release Date: October 19, 2010

    01. The Meaning
    02. Medicine Bag
    03. Get Down
    04. I'm Comin Swingin'
    05. Last Chance
    06. Brace Yo Self (ft. Axe Murder Boyz)
    07. Nervous
    08. Lose Control
    09. That Shit U On (ft. Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
    10. Super Killa Fragilistic
    11. Tired of Asking
    12. That's Enough 4 Me
    13. Keep It Wicked (ft. Insane Clown Posse)
    14. On My Way

    Blue Version Bonus Tracks:
    01. Hey Girl
    02. Mental Evaluation

    Red Version Bonus Tracks:
    01. Ghost of My Ex
    02. Raven

    Green Version Bonus Tracks:
    01. Peace Pipe
    02. Bang Yo Head

Title: "Shape Shifter"
Release Date: To Be Announced

     **COMING SOON**

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